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Esri CityEngine MeetUps

Esri CityEngine will be holding MeetUps in several Cities throughout the NorthEast United States. So what exactly is CityEngine? Esri CityEngine, is a 3D modeling software application developed by Esri R&D Center Zurich (formerly Procedural Inc.) and is specialized in […]

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Prezi: create game-changing presentations online

  httpv:// The Architecture Report recommends Prezi as a way to go above and beyond normal Power Point presentation.

  • Pros - Innovative cloud-based presentation service, with an animated tour around a


Autodesk Releases Cloud Services

Autodesk is not new to the cloud concept—their Buzzsaw software-as-a-service has been hooked up for over a decade—Recently Autodesk announced Autodesk Cloud, officially bringing together over a


Advanced 3D/4D GIS Software Released

Makai Ocean Engineering has just released Makai Voyager™, an advanced 3D/4D visualization platform that allows you to fly anwhere in the world to view geospatial data, including: terrain imagery,


CASA releases the Global Lab Podcast

CASA has just launched their Global Lab Podcast Series. The Global Lab is a podcast about cities, global connectivity and the impact of technology produced by the UCL


Evermotion Releases NOX Renderer

NOX Renderer is a stand-alone application that renders images from 3D geometry. The rendering engine is based on unbiased methods. Light behavior is based on laws of physics,


Esri Acquires Procedural

San Diego, California—Esri has acquired Procedural, one of the world’s leading software companies for creating stunning 3D urban environments from typical 2D data. Urban planners, architects, video game

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