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Sweco is a leading provider of consulting services in the fields of urban planning, architecture, engineering, and environmental technology. The Sweco group includes some 5,000 employees and is a leader in several segments of the Nordic and European market. Below are a few examples from their promotional PDF displaying their diagrammatic images depicting the systems involved in making a place sustainable today.

You can find their complete PDF here: Sustainable City Development

Eco-cycle model

In a Sustainable City, the use of renewable resources is emphazised, resource consumption is minimized and resources are managed in a way that maximizes recovery and reuse.
New system solutions provide scope for synergies between sewage, waste and energy production and enable coordination with efficient land use, landscape planning and transport systems. This is illustrated by the eco-cycle model which is essential for a definitive shift from linear to circular resource flows.


Hohhot and Wuhai Green Cities

Two joint research projects for sustainable cities in the autonomous republic of Inner Mongolia in China. Hohhot is the capital city of Inner Mongolia with a population of 2,130,000. In the first phase, the planned Green City will have a population of 20,000.
Wuhai is a small prefecture-level city and regional center with a population of 450,000 people. In the first phase, the planned Green City will have a population of 8,000.
Client: The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Swedish Trade Council.


Cork South Docklands Master Plan

Sustainability analysis of the initial masterplan – to assist in preparation of a comprehensive sustainability master plan for the South Docklands.
The project includes:
• Masterplan, Targets and Funding
• Energy Production
• Waste Management
• Water and Wastewater
• Individual Building Sustainability
An eco-cycle model has been developed on building level, town district level and city level.
Client: Howards Holdings Ltd.


Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Project

The TWRC is one of the greatest urban development programmes in the world. The project embraces housing and service facilities for 70,000 people as well as places of work for 30,000 people. The area to be built lies along the Lake Ontario and the project is estimated to run for 20 years. A Swedish expert team went to Toronto to present the Swedish way to build cities for a sustainable society and to market Swedish know-how in environmental technology.
Client: TWRC (Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp.).

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