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Tim Stonor is a  founding director of the Space Syntax Network, which is an organisation of academic researchers, teachers, software developers and professional practitioners. Their mission is to improve the quality of architectural and urban practice through the development and dissemination of tools that forecast the way that new places will be moved through and occupied by people – and by practising what we preach through planning and designing places that work.

They specialize in “evidence-based” planning and design, with a particular focus on spatial layout. We use computer-based tools to measure and forecast the influence of spatial layout on social, economic and environmental outcomes such as movement patterns, land use vitality and carbon emissions. We bring cutting edge research directly into practice. This brings a level of rigour to planning and design that is too often missing.

Tim Stonor’s personal blog: http://timstonor.wordpress.com/

Check out Space Syntax Network’s website: spacesyntax.com


On June 15, 2011 Tim Stonor of Space Synatx in London, England gave a presentation at the National Capital Planning Commission on spatial layout efficiency.


For more great presentations visit Tim Stonor’s Slide Boom





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